View Full Version : MySQL and Recordset Logic Problem

06-11-2007, 06:27 PM

OK ---
- I am using the DW8 insert record "wizard"
- I have a table called 'blue' with 3 fields (id, text1, text2)
- I want the user to enter info into a form (1 field) -- the text1 field is a pulldown select
- I want the user entered data in the text1 form field to TRIGGER an auto insert of the text2 data, and then enter both text1 and text 2 field data into a table called ''red" on submit
- Assume that my form is setup correctly and that the form works and passes info from page1 to a results page, and that my tables (blue and red) are setup correctly

How do I do this ?.....LOL...I cannot figure it out ..Your help with putting EXACTLY what I need to in the recordset dialog
box (on the results page) would be GREATLY appreciated......

Brain Fart