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06-10-2007, 08:09 AM
I'm still a beginner in CSS, but i know quite well as i've practiced on templates and such on how to set it up right. But i have problems with starting from scratch where i don't get all that scructural stuff in it. But i'll learn hopefully.
anyway my problem is that i'm trying to add an image into the header to have the Main Header (bgheader.gif) in the div tag. I can see it in the design bit on the bottom of Dreamweaver, but whenever i view it in a browser (any) it just doesn't show, all i can see is the background color.
But when i try and type in a simple text in the header div tag it does show up in the browser. this is so frustrating i just don't get why its not showing up! last time i had this problem i tried fixing it and it worked when i saved the image (in photoshop) as Save for Web and saved it as a low sized file. thats when it actually came up (for some reason). But i do have the size pretty small now its like 25k...and as i said i've got the width and hight right for the header tag that i am being able to see the image right in that square.

I tried replacing an image on a working template with my image, and my image was showing in dreamweaver but not in the browser again. I tried changing the file type using jpg and gif and it still didn't work.
I can't put it on a link as my uni server is down and i'm not being able to upload it.

Please help, this is due next week, i didn't think i'd have problems like this.



06-10-2007, 09:54 AM
It would help if you could show us the code for your header, otherwise we are just guessing.


06-10-2007, 12:29 PM
hey sorry didn't realize you had posted, i got it to work, it was because my image folder was in the Css folder...i don't know why that happened. but someone from another forum told me to do so and it worked.

Thanks anyway!