View Full Version : Template adjustments...newbie in need!

06-05-2007, 11:54 PM
Hey there guys,

I am whipping up a small, simple website for a family member. I have Dreamweaver 8, and I am using the 'Lodge' template (the colours were surprisingly fitting for the artist's style of work!). I have only just started, my first hurdle is this...

When the viewer changes the size of their browser the navigation and border cells change accordingly (which, I understand is a good thing). If you visit http://www.kantabhasin.co.uk you can see that both the kakhi green background and the blue shape behind the picture expands. Is there any way I can restrain the blue shape underneath the picture? (but allow, the size of the background, and blue navigation bar to change accordingly). (ultimately, I want the picture to be in line with the edge of the blue, and to stay that way, but for the other cells to move accordingly).

Lol, sorry if that was long winded, I'm not much of a code person (am learning though!), so I am using 'design' mode.

Any help much appreciated! :grin:

06-06-2007, 01:21 AM
In your graphics program, make a very thin slice the same color of the background about 250px wide and then put it in the blue table. This will prevent the table from becoming too small...

Better yet, use CSS