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05-30-2007, 10:00 PM

I have taken the decision not to support any Dreamweaver written PHP.

The reason is this...

As a developer i enjoy the teaching aspect but i wont supply you with the solution so you can copy and paste. What ever i advise, guide, teach or explain regarding code, the non-coder will not understand and will expect me to provide a solution for them as this is the only way their issue can be resolved. It also causes other issues. I write PHP in a way that dreamweaver does not recognise within its panel functionality. Dreamweaver relies on strict syntax so its panels can reference recordsets and javascript events within your pages so if i was to change your code then the chances are i would break the drag-n-drop functionality of Dreamweaver.

I will give my time to help and assist anyone who is willing to put the same effort in as i do.


if ($you_want_to_learn_to_program == "YES"){