View Full Version : Where are my HELP files??

05-23-2007, 01:14 PM
Good day all,

I've got a problem when clicking on Help with my new DW CS3. When I do, all I get is a thing called Adobe Help Viewer 1.1. When 'searching' for an item (by typing Dreamweaver in the search box) I get a page that displays 50 DW items. When any one of these is clicked, I am returned to the basic blank Help Viewer - again and again.

I've been onto Adobe and they responded with an e-mail telling me that if I re-install the product, it should work. Well, it didn't. Their second option was to manually remove all parts of DW (of which they gave me a list). I did that and then re-installed DW, but the same problem remains.

I e-mailed Adobe again on the 17 May, and have had no response - so I guess that they have given up on me, after all I'm only a consumer based in the outback of Australia and perhaps they couldn't care less.

I'm gradually getting used to DW (after years using FrontPage) and would really like to get to know it better, but there is something happening with the install process(?) that I (for one) don't know about.

I'm wondering if there is anyone else 'out there' who has experienced the same problem and would like to share their solution with me, 'cause I'm getting nowhere fast with Adobe.

Regards to all.

06-06-2007, 01:10 AM
Hi all,

I've been given some help to solve the problem with the Adobe Help Viewer.

Apparently, according to Adobe, DW CS3 has a problem with IE7 - some sort of conflict, and they have given me an update for the Help Viewer. So far, so good.