View Full Version : Viewing a flash file, asks for a username/password

05-02-2007, 01:21 PM
Hi all,

I have created a basic html page, and i have put a swf file into it.

When i preview the page it works fine; but when i view this via our internal intranet its asks for a username and password.

This only happens on a page with a swf file. There is nothing else special set up on the whole intranet, so a bit confused why this is happening.

Any help would be appreciated, and thanks in advance.


05-02-2007, 01:37 PM
the code that embeds the flash checks your version of the flash plugin and if the version you have installed isnt the one specified in the code it redirects you to the flash download page to install the latest version. If you dont have a rights to go to that site on your intranet then you going to be prompted with a user / password popup

work around 1...

look at the <object tag in your code and you will see a URL

paste the URL into a browser upto where it has .cab

you will be prompted to download the cab file

download the file

place the file within the root of your site on the server

then change the path in the <object URL to point to the cab file instead of an HTTP address and every user should be asked when they first hit the site to install the CAB file once and that should be it updated

work around 2...

try changing the version number to a lower number in the <object tag URL