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04-28-2007, 09:20 PM
Hi All,,
I'm completely new to dreamweaver and just got the software installed yesterday. But I'm quite comfortable in html and moderate javascript. I'm currently in a dilemma. I've been given 2-3 html pages (which I'm told were created thru Dreamweaver) and a separate database in MSAccess. Ofcourse the html pages do not show any scripting or the ASP part. I think I will need to re-create these pages and connect to the MSAccess db. I have looked at the ASP part to connect to the database which doesn't look too hard.

What I would like to know is that in Dreamweaver, is there a way to do this under a one-stop-shop. I mean when I recreate the pages, would I need to write the ASP script separately for the db connection or is it something that I can do from within dreamweaver, I know its pretty powerful.
Also, when I re-create the pages, do I need to start from scratch. I mean I have the html page and the images, I'm assuming I should be able to just open them up in dreamweaver and add/modify and work with the ASP part etc...??? is this correct.

Lastly, my apologies for asking this right off the bat before even going thru a basic tutorial, my reason is that I need to reply by tomorrow if this is something I can handle and with an approximate time frame.

Thanks very much for all your suggestions/advice

04-29-2007, 10:14 AM

dreamweaver does have the capabilities to connect to a database and return results to the page.

you can start by following the tutorials within the Help file but be warned

remember this...

Dreamweaver is very strict. It can produce code that will perform tasks. Once you start using Dreamweaver to write code you will be stuck inside the soft cotton wool world dreamweaver offers. If someone asks you to do something outside of that world... What do you do!! Say you cant do it? or ask a question on a forum?

personally i never help people that have dreamweaver written code because when they run into difficulties they post a "How Do You Do This" question.
If i was to explain in Code how to do it they wouldnt understand what i wrote so they would need someone to write it for them and im too expensive to do that.

If you choose to use dreamweaver to code your code then your not going to learn this by tomorrow!

if you choose to learn a scripting language then your not going to learn this by tomorrow but you are going to have the satifaction of understanding a new skill and will be able to write anything you (or your client) wants after a little time learning!

Its up to you

take the Red pill or the blue pill?

one of them could change your life and your salary