View Full Version : Troubleshooting DW

04-28-2007, 11:02 AM
I've finished an index page that I'm quite satisfied with. Works great in Firefox, but the rollovers don't in IE and perhaps a few other browers I haven't checked.

My questions are two:

Where do I go to check or how do I check to correct this and similar problems?

Secondly, can someone recommend a book or a website that will take me step step through completing my web pages and then launching a website? I mean fixing the bugs, hammering out the problems and adding a forum say vBulletin etc.

I can read and follow directions fairly well, but there appears to be a darth of well written how tos out there, ones that go beyond the basics and actually anticipate the real world problems that crop up. That's what I looking for - not the "this is how to do it and we assume everything happens just like it's supposed to and if it doesn't, well tough sh*t."

and I guess number three is, Is there someone here I can hire to help me? As a tutor? until I get on line and on my way?