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04-18-2007, 07:02 PM
Hi All,

I'm new to the forum and would love to learn from all you guru's if I may! :-D

I have a problem with my site (http://www.penlion.co.za/):

The website is created in a Template, my drop down menus are created in that same template which is linking to all my pages.

The problem I have is that I created a HTML folder and saved all the documents including the index.html page under it (Silly move - I was trying to be clever!) When I published the website to the server I had to rearrange the files in order for them in order for the index.html page to be viewable. The site comes up as you will see but the drop downs are coming up with an error page in each section.It reads a 404 Error due to the error being shown in red in the middle of this url address:

I've tried changing the pages around in DW so that they are not under any file but the main one, but the template and drop down behaviour are not clashing for some reason causing the dropdown to be unviewable. I have tried a couple of other options like editing the html script but it still seems unstable,and nothing seems to be working and I'm at my wits end!

How can I take the pages out of the HTML file and put them under the main file without corrupting the dropdown menu aswell as the Template?

I think that I should sought my local folder problem out first before I tackle the publishing once again. Below is how my file order is viewed at present on my system.

Site: Penlion master
html/ < (The index.html page + all other htm pages are in here)
Templates < (The template for the pages is in here)

Would anyone be able to assist me with this urgent problem? I would really appreciate any help!

Many thanks