View Full Version : Problem Displaying Clipped Layer (nested or not) in Browsers

04-15-2007, 03:44 AM
I am doing the Picture Gallery tutorial by ranjan but I'm running into a problem when I clip the nested layer. It shows me that it's clipping in Standard Design mode but when I test it in a browser, any browser, it won't display any of the elements in the nested layer, clipped or not. However, when I change the parent layer to "visible" instead of hidden (as ranjan and other tutorials instruct), it does display the elements (images) in the browsers. The only difference between my version of the tutorial and ranjan's is that I'm using 30 images in the nested layer, spanning 3000 pixels across, instead of 6. But, as I mentioned, the browsers don't have a problem displaying all 30 images and scrolling them across, left, right and reset - no problem. They just wont display a clipped layer. I even tested clipping a single, un-nested layer with just 6 images and got the same result. I am also aware that the Parent layer needs to be as big as the Nested layer in order for things to have a chance to work properly. I'm sure this is something simple that I've overlooked (I'm only 3 months into learning Dreamweaver) but I need a little help. Thx in advance!