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04-14-2007, 12:20 PM
Our Policy and Procedures Manual is viewed in a browser, designed in Dreamweaver.
Therefore, it never gets sent to a web site. It's on our Server.
I have this problem:
I have written many pages on the fly ... the page has a Navbar, with links to main sections of the P&P.
If I check Orphan Files, this page is not an orphan.
If I write 2 pages on a similar subject, one referring to the other, they have links to each other. So they are not orphans.
BUT: Here's the problem. I cannot find an easy way to go through the hundreds of pages, and figure out "Is this page called (linked TO) by one of my navbar pages, or a page that is the major topic for these pages, which are subtopics? I.e., What files link TO these pages?
If it were a web site, I can use Google to do that. But not if it's on our Server.
The only solution I have found so far is this (laborious) one: Rename the page. Dreamweaver pops up with a box saying other pages reference it. Do the Update, then go back and rename it back to what it ought to be, and then go find a major topic page to link to it. This is REALLY SLOW and prone to error.
I tried the site map, but because every page has a navbar on it, the pages not being linked aren't obvious to me -- unless there's something I don't understand.
Any help, please? (Keep it simple, please: I'm 66 years old, not very bright, and computers are not my main line of endeavor.)
Any solution?

04-14-2007, 12:56 PM
im sorry

im very confused

04-14-2007, 01:13 PM
I write two pages because I realize we don't cover this topic yet.
1. How to fold the letter to go in the envelope.
2. How to seal the envelope.
The fold page has a link to the seal page. The seal page has a link to the fold page.
So they will not show up as orphans.
But I forgot to link a page called "Correspondence Standards" to either of these pages.
So when you're reading about Correspondence Standards, you never get told about the two new pages.
Looking for Orphan links, those 2 pages aren't orphans.
If I Rename Page 1, Dreamweaver will warn me that other pages are linke to it (Page 2 in this case.) So ... then and only then do I realize I forgot to link Correspondence Standards to this page. And so forth.
What I want is an easier way than Renaming to find out, "What pages link TO this page?"
I hope that helps.

04-14-2007, 05:37 PM
i think im getting it

there is no easy or quick solution

if your not creating dynamic pages then your going to have to add links by hand