View Full Version : Background image size/fixed/no repeat/fit to the screen?

04-12-2007, 08:56 PM
hi guy's I'm really sorry for repeating this question, I know that it has already been discussed, but still I haven't got the right answer, please help,

this is the website, www.dubai3dstudio.com (http://www.dubai3dstudio.com).
in the mainpage I used an bakcgroung image with size of 1440x900 jpeg and also no-repeat in page properties, the webpage size is <table width="800"

questions? what size of background image should I use?
what position should I use for BG image?
where and how can I use fixed for BG image?

i,m not suing any table for my background image,
could you please ADVICE me, because now I can't see the right side of background image in IE or firefox.

thanks guy's ,

p.s = chriskg please replay if you have time,

04-13-2007, 05:39 AM
sorry just not entirely sure what u want to achive 3dmaya (http://www.dreamweaverclub.com/forum/member.php?u=24451)
i can see ur background image just fine in FF and IE 6 on my pc btw.

but i think instead of this

body {
background-image: url(images/mainpage/backgroundimage.jpg);
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-attachment: fixed;

you should have this:

#fff url(images/mainpage/backgroundimage.jpg) no-repeat top center;