View Full Version : Opera alignment issue

03-29-2007, 11:29 AM
Hi, I know it's a long shot asking here but some one might have experienced this before. Take a look at this topic I made http://my.opera.com/community/forums/topic.dml?id=183066&t=1175167487&page=1#comment1972884

and in particular look at the two URLs of jpgs. I really could do with fixing this because I want to use Opera for creating PDF pages.

03-29-2007, 04:34 PM
Like they said in the forums. If you rely on tables for layout, you have to take into consideration that different browsers have different default padding and margin.

03-30-2007, 02:09 AM
Yes it was because of the Indent option. That indent option is just padding though isn't it? It's working in Opera now thanks to the padding options.