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03-17-2007, 12:35 AM
Meeguk has rollover problem too, but man, am I glad for this forum. I'm goin' even more crazy w/this one:

When I open the .htm file in DW and then open the page in Firefox, everything works fine.

When I save the file as a template, and then open the template file in Firefox the rollovers don't work.

Both Tools -> Error Console - Javascript coder shows many errors, but only the template file doesn't work. I have not upload ed the file to the ISP yet, so can't provide link.

???? Help me please......

How do I attach the html or dwt file here in a post? I see the list of attachments, but no .html or .dwt files.

For now, the file is available here: http://pastebin.com/900324

03-18-2007, 01:53 AM
I did a modify/convert Tables to Layers and the file works fine in Firefox but not in IE. Why would that be? Work ok in one browser and not the other?