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02-08-2007, 10:16 PM
Ok, I've got a simple page (home pg) with a graphic set pretty much in the middle, and page background colour set to black, and I've got another sub-page which is basicall the same sort of thing. For buttons I've just got hot-spot shapes over text that is already in the graphic.
Now, when I F12 the 'home pg' it'll preview no worries, looks fine, then when I try a button click to go to the other sub-page, it will go to that page but instead of that page looking very similar ie; page bk grnd colour being black and the graphic centered, its bk grnd is changed to white and the graphic has gone to the upper left corner, basically looking as it would in its default page settings.
But if I F12 that sub-page it'll preview correctly: black bk grnd etc, and then I click on that pages' button (hot spot) to go the otherway, so to speak, as in back to home pg and the home pg is then 'defaulted' - gone white etc

Any help on this would be awesome, it does look like I'm just doing something silly or forgetting something, I thought it might just be something to do with using the hot-spots as they've done weird things in the past but this should be pretty staight forward I thought


02-09-2007, 06:04 AM
select all your site from the files panel and do a put (arrow pointing up)


on one of these white pages do a right click and view source then paste the source here