View Full Version : Weird issue with template links adding own directories.

02-01-2007, 12:56 AM
So our webmaster left suddenly and doesn't return our calls. I know slightly more about this kind of thing than the rest of the office and so the title of "interim webmaster" was sort of thrust upon me.

Part of the main site template is a script of banner ads that had become outdated. I went in to the template and removed those, and then figured the problem solved. It was, but I was surprised to then discover that the links on the opposite side of the page had become redirected from "www.url.com/index.html" for example, to "www.url.com/templates/index.html" and I can't figure out how to fix it for the life of me. I've tried using the target dragging thing, I've tried typing them in by hand, I even tried looking at the code and editing that by hand. Nothing seems to fix it.

When I started I simply pointed Dreamweaver to the ftp, pulled the template file, edited it, and saved it with no site-related folders on my computer. Would that be the problem? If so, what would be a good way to start over?

02-01-2007, 01:18 AM
I should add that there are no local site files on my computer; he did everything at home on his own computer. While I have Dreamweaver now, I've never used it before. I've done some basic html coding (enough to recognize what is what) and I've done limited site maintenance with Contribute. I was hoping to avoid Dreamweaver entirely, but since it is a template file I had no choice.

Soooo... if this turns out to be an issue of my rush to fix things, a simple tutorial on how to transfer the site from the server to my computer (or how to bypass that) would be helpful. I've tried the Dreamweaver help, but it is too dense for the company's (very very immediate) needs.

02-01-2007, 06:32 AM
I've tried the Dreamweaver help, but it is too dense for the company's (very very immediate) needs.

i sugest that you get a contractor in to resolve this... if your unfamiliar with this technology then you could make it allot worse. What you have said is that you dont have time to learn the basics but you want this fixed as quickly as possible.

at your level of experience you need a proffessional who can help.

02-01-2007, 01:28 PM
I should add that there are no local site files on my computer then you can't possibly expect a change in the dreamweaver template to work. Changes from template are done locally. I feel your pain here, but you're in a situation where you shouldn't be.

You've got 2 options:
1. Set aside a few hours a day for a couple of weeks for training. Specifically read up on the first chapters, and chapters pertaining to templates. The manual and developer center at adobe has alot of information on how to deal with templates.
2. Do like DJ said and get it fixed right a way by a professional. Since we're talking about an inhouse company website, I guess the 2nd option preferred.

02-12-2007, 04:23 AM
The interface is intuitive, and I'm not trying to do anything especially tricky.

I really don't think anything I am trying to do is technically beyond my capabilities. Having said that, I still have absolutely no idea what is causing this error.

No matter what I seem to do, the template (which is kept on the server in a /templates/ directory) adds the /templates/ directory to any links within the template. I don't see anything in the code that would cause that. I've gone in by hand and changed the links and replaced the template file on the server and I'm still getting it. When I get the template file and check it in dreamweaver, the links are directed to the proper place.

Does anyone have any idea what would cause this? I have the feeling there is either some strange parameter in the code that I'm not seeing or something excrutiatingly obvious I am doing wrong when attempting to synchronize with dreamweaver. If anybody would like to look at the code for the template I will pm it to you, but I don't want to post it because it obviously has the company (and our advertisers) all over it.

02-12-2007, 12:47 PM
Changing the template file on the server is not going to change anything on the website. changes from template are done locally

You have to work on a local copy of the site, *commit* the changes in the template so all the regular html files are updated, and then upload the new files to the server.

02-13-2007, 06:47 PM
I have the site back up, and am fairly confident that I can handle Dreamweaver, I just don't know everything about its behavior and don't want to risk another bout of trial-and-error.

I've noticed in the Dreamweaver support pages that if one hand-edits code within a template it will cause that /templates/ error I've been complaining about, but I haven't done that. I've also looked in there (and on every other post involving templates on here) for the answer to this and haven't found anything. So here goes:

The template includes a javascript to display a series of 25 sidebar ad banners randomly. My issue now is how to edit the javascript properties within the template to take down expired ads and then ad new ones with links to their respective sites. I've tried hand editing the code and applying it to the pages, but when I look at the sitemap afterwards the links have all mutated into the "/templates/" error. I am positive that the links are correct, and am worried there is some other mystical Dreamweaver process to editing the template, much in the way that you have to use the file targeting thing to create links in a template.

Is there a special way to go about editing scripts within a template that won't damage the links on the dependant pages, or is this just a Dreamweaver thing and I'm okay to upload?