View Full Version : Problem aligning content in nested tables

01-15-2007, 08:44 PM
Hello there..

I'm building a template based site using tables.. the main template consists of a few tables with just one editable area for each page's content. On some of the pages I'm inserting nested tables into the editable area to lay things out.

For example, on one page I have three nested tables, 1 row by 2 columns each, with a bit of space between each table.
In each table I want to place some text in the left-hand column, with a related image in the right-hand column. I want to get the top of the text to be exactly in line with the top of the image.

I've specified the Horz & Vert values for each cell to be Top & Left, and made sure the cell padding & spacing is zero... and all appears to look fine in Dreamweaver's design view...

However ... when I preview the page in a browser, the text isn't quite in line with the top of the image... there's a bit of unwanted space before the text starts. See what I mean here:


The same kind of thing happens on any other pages in which I use nested tables. ...and sometimes it only seems to happen in certain tables.

It doesn't look too bad I suppose, but it's not quite what I want... I realise I could get the layout more accurate by using layers, but I want the whole site to be centred.. hence I'm using tables.

Can't figure out why the text isnt aligning to the top... I suspect I'm overlooking something hilariously simple... Any idea what am I doing wrong?

(by the way, I'm using Dreamweaver on a mac and have only viewed the pages in Safari and Opera)