View Full Version : Centering a multiple LAYER layout (???)

12-30-2006, 04:47 PM
'nother Dreamweaver question...

All of my web page layouts are accomplished via Layers...using kind of a WYSIWYG approach to position boxes of images & text where I need them to be on the page.

For the pages I have done in an 800 pixel wide size, those layers are always positioned to the left on a bigger screen; & I now want those multiple layer layouts to slide over to the center (in any browser window.)

I obviously can't do this by applying the CENTER tag to all Layers, since I need them to retain their position relationship to each other...


1) Can I place my Layers layout in a Table; & center position the entire table ?

2) Can the Body somehow be centered...since the layers reside in the body?

Thanks in advance for any help,