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12-05-2006, 01:22 PM
Just started a new job and have been asked to look after the two company websites. Used Dreamweaver 4 to access both sites and retrieve the files from the remote server. One site has worked fine and I can make changes etc, but am having big problems with the other one.

Dreamweaver wouldn't initially accept the FTP codes, passwords etc.
I've checked these extensively and have been told they are right.
I therefore used WS FTP Pro to get the files.

Once I did this it seemed I could then 'get' the site using Dreamweaver, however when I actually came to make changes, they weren't taking effect on line. When I go back to 'get' the site now, I can see the changes on individual pages, but not online.

I am now using Dreamweaver 8 and notice that in the 'file' box on the right hand side on sites that are working ok, you get the full choice of buttons to upload files etc.

When I open the faulty site, those options are completely removed.
Have tried to think of everything, but am completely baffled as I don't get any error messages when I set up the FTP details etc.

Help much appreciated!

12-05-2006, 02:36 PM
Hi RachH and welcoe to the forums!
It seems pretty obvious (to me) that you're not editing the right set of files on your server. Make sure you edit the files that are in the 'public_html' or 'web' folder. If in doubt, a quick phonecall to your host shold clarify which path you need on the server.