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11-21-2006, 11:06 AM
I’m following this tutorial that shows how to build a poll using PHP and MySQL but the database application I’m using is SQL server 2005.
I’ve created the DB and the tables and everything, so basically the SQL part is done. Now comes the connection between Dreamweaver and SQL server and what the tutorial says:

- connect to database: The database panel click ‘+’ and select ‘MySQL’ in dialog box that opens complete the connection information for database server and the database connection for your website.
- create the recordset: to create the recordset click on the ‘+’ in the ‘Bindings’ panel and select ‘Recordset’ dialog will open. The recordset that we need to create will cross two tables however, so we will need to switch to the ‘Advanced Recordset’ dialog to do so.
- getting advanced: type the following into the SQL box:

SELECT tblQuestions.questionID, questionText, answerID, answerText
FROM tblQuestions, tblAnswers
WHERE tblQuestions.questionID = tblAnswers.answerID AND tblQuestions.questionID = 1
You will see the answers within questionID and questionText

- use recordset: your recordset should now appear in the ‘Bindings’ panel, expand it to see the fields. We can now place the question onto the page by dragging ‘ questionText’ from the ‘Bindings’ panel to the location on the page where we want to display it. A placeholder ‘rsPoll.questionText’ displays in the location.

I’ve followed al the steps but when I click in the ‘Bindings’ panel to expand it to see the fields of the tables it generates an error:
An unidentifed error has occurred.

What’s the error how I can solve this problem?

11-21-2006, 12:00 PM
Firstly your tutorial is making ref to a MYSQL connection but you are using SQL server! Unless this is a deliberate tweak for this to work then that could be why your getting the problem

dreamweaver creates a _scripts dir inside your root

makesure these have been copied to your remote dir