View Full Version : gap between image and table column in Firefox but not in Safari

11-14-2006, 02:32 AM
Next to the skyline image on my home page, there is a gap (about 10 pixels probably) between the image and the edge of the table when it is viewed in Firefox. When viewed in Safari there still seems to be a faint gap (maybe 1 pixel). Anyone know whats going on?


11-14-2006, 03:30 AM
Welcome to the forums double-oh-seven!

The gap is caused by how browsers renders images. They are seen as 'inline' elements, meaning they're basically seen as content (text) that follows the flow of the document, as opposed to headlines for example (h1, h2) that are block elements (containers). If you want to design your website in the fashion you're doing right now, you have to change the display property of your image with CSS.

The quick fix is to do it inline like this:
<img src="/rochesterSkyline.jpg" height="135" width="640" style="display: block;">