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11-12-2006, 10:52 PM
Alright Gurus,

I've only recently started building websites and can't figure out how to have global links with my navbar so if I want to modify the link I only have to change it in one place, instead of on every page.

I have tried using frames but have decided they have their limitations depending on where you put them and i just wanted to keep my navbar at the top of the page and let it scroll to maximise screen space.

I've tried using Site-Change link sitewide but can't get that to work properly with external links and it changes every link with those parameters not just the nav buttons.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

If you want to check out my site to see what the heck I'm talking about, I have included the link below.

A bit of history about my site.
I created this site because the amateur photo competition I entered only showed thumbnail size images of the enteries. I included a link in my photo description to my website hoping it would boost my chances of winning.

It hasn't so far.

The competition site has now been upgraded to show larger pictures so my site is really redundant other than to allow me to experiment with web building.

Any other feedback on my site would be appreciated.

PS. If you like my photo please register and vote so I can win a camera!

11-13-2006, 02:08 PM
what you want is a server side include

that is creating one menu and call that into every page that needs it

<!--#include virtual="path/menu.html" -->

create a page with your menu code in it then just use the above include in the page where you want it displayed.

remember that if you menu is in a table then include the table code but thats all. Omit the <html> tags and everything else from your include page