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10-10-2006, 11:52 PM
Over the weekend, I made some changes to my site (in anticipation of my new CD release) in Dreamweaver MX. Everything looked fine on my home machine's browser, the screen resolution of which is set to 1224 X 768.

I checked it out today on my work PC; & some of the font's look small. Thing is...my monitor at work is set to the same screen resolution.

Please take a look; & tell me what I did wrong:


There are two horizontal navigation bars, one below the header/banner image; & one below the info on the musical act. The link colors are green (in Page Properties, the link color is #33CC99 & the visited link color is #00FFFF.) I have the font size set up as "3".

I can't figure out why those fonts would be a different size on a monitor w/ the same resolution. Even the fonts used in the band's info look small, now that I recall.

I must have fouled up the code somehow. When I created those naivigation bars, everything was in Georgia. When I changed the font to Verdana, I left the inverted arrows (between links) in Georgia, 'cause it looked better. Now I've messed it up, somehow. Now I've also noticed that the only link that works fully (fading to lavender on mouse-over & then turning the correct color after being visited) is the last link on the first line. Oy vey.



10-11-2006, 02:13 AM
font size looks ok on my screen (using FireFox on pc with 1280 reso)your fading links arn't working becoz you wrapped up a font color tag within the a tag...

<font color="#33CC99">Contact Us</font> (contact_us.htm)

<font color="#33CC99">Exit 7 / John R. Edgar (exit_7.htm) &lt;</font>

make sure the font tags are outside the a tags then ur color fade will work.

10-11-2006, 12:43 PM
Check the font sizes in your browser, they might be set to something else than default size.
In FF View->Text Size->Normal

10-12-2006, 12:45 AM
Thanks guys...


I pulled the fader script out (never really liked it, anyway.) And the only reason there are font color tags within the link tags is to provide the same color for my home-made bullets [which are the keyboard "to" & "from" arrows (> <)]...so, they have to be defined as the same color as the links. The link colors themselves are defined prior, in the body link & vlink colors (from page properties.) So you're saying that I should still switch them around, given that's the intent?


Good idea...I'll check that on my work machine.

Thanks again,

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That's what it was, all right...Text Size. It was set to "Smaller". I reset it to "Medium"; & the page then looked normal.

But here's the thing...it keeps defaulting (my browser) back to "Smaller"...which is weird. Any way to change that config permanently?