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09-01-2006, 01:08 PM
Hey all,

having this prob with my background, it was quit a complex site to cut up (my guru desinger friend (redro http://redro.com.au)did this, and it is our first collaboration project together.
anyways, i have tried to used repeating backgrounds wherever possibal to save on img d/l.... behind the nav there is a gradient img with a height, but after the nav i hav a div with just a background that should repeat when content expands in the text boxes on the rightside.

i uploaded to one of the only sites that i kno that will allow u to ftp up to ur own free domain. (yes it has ads - but look wat i did when i point you to the site.... c'mon noobies - how'd i do this (no ci or dj, not for u - lol)

so yes - notice how my bg below my nav doesnt repeat. its obviously fine if i put a height on it, but then its not going to expand wen there is alot of content on the text boxes.

i have tired all the simple hacks to get it to display - but no luck.

pls advise css gurus

09-01-2006, 04:02 PM
It does repeat, as far down the div goes. The background won't repeat outside the #nav box.

Try setting a background on div#pageWithin instead, just make bg img as wide as the nav and make it repeat-y only.

09-01-2006, 04:25 PM
cheers ill try that dom

09-01-2006, 04:55 PM
thanks i fixed it.