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08-09-2006, 05:42 PM
Hello.. i have an issue on my mind, im aiming to leave uni next year and dont feel im learning enough skill to be successful straight after, i NEED to leave next year and move on!.. i have taught myself Photoshop well and other than that have only learnt the basics of Illustrator and Indesign.
I want to learn Flash and Dreamweaver aswell and there is so much to learn on those programmes and i dont feel i will learn it at uni enough... i gave Dreamweaver a go but i have so many things i dont inderstand and really am finding it awkward along with all my other stresses. I really need/want to be successful but i dont think my course will equip me with all the info i need to know.

Ive searched for tuts and cant really find anything to great for myself.. i also find it hard to work and learn in my environment at home.

If anyone has any advice or links i would really appreciate it.. its something i feel i need advice on so i came here.

P.S its my summer holiday and i would like to learn as much of these while i have the time.

08-11-2006, 03:59 PM
during your holidays you need to set some fantasy company projects and do as many as you can

if your aiming at the web design market then as many fantastic looking sites as possible (use flash as well but concentrate on the coding aspect)

allot of people can use flash but you really need to understand ActionScript to be able to advertise yourself as a flash developer

if you want to move into the applications development market (which commands allot higher salary) then you need to choose a language and get good at it. You can have a number of languages under your belt which is a good thing but you will find that an employer will require one scripting language like a PHP, or ASP or .NET developer.

08-11-2006, 08:17 PM
like davidj says, practice, practice, practice.

08-12-2006, 09:50 AM
thanks lads but thats one area i dont understand at all is all this php, html stuff ect..

08-14-2006, 08:42 AM
thanks lads but thats one area i dont understand at all is all this php, html stuff ect..

thats like just as your about to be launched into space you ask... Whats all those buttons do again!!

You will never find a job like this.....

Developer wanted
Dreamweaver only
if dreamweaver cant do it then we dont want it
salary $50000 / 30000

If you want to make a career out of this... ->

First you need to know HTML and know it very well. (you should be able to hand code a site in notepad your knowledge should reflect this)

Then Javascript and the DOM <- Why, When, Where and What for!!

CSS <- Why, When, Where and What for!!

you need to build sites and build them well and have lots (like a portfolio)

if you intend to move into the application / software market like ecommerce and banking then you need to have covered the above and served a period building and learning your skills before you can move into this area

You sound like your wanting to take this further as a career choice but dont want to do all that lame learning bit in between

if you dont know HTML now then your on a very long path to the land of developer

08-14-2006, 05:36 PM
i never said i didnt want to learn it. i said i find it hard in my environment and need a good place to learn.

yesterday i found 2 sites that are helping me greatly and think i am on the right track now.. providing i can keep in practice for a while.

ive started learning HTML and starting dreamweaver from fresh, hopefully ill remember alot of it then i can progress.

i think i will then learn CSS as above ^"where, why how ect.." then that should give me a firm base.

thanks Davidj i understand you.

the thing that was bothering me was where to start and the fact my University cant possibly teach me all this when they hardly have any webdesign on the course.

so its down to me and i will succeed.

08-14-2006, 10:42 PM
sorry i was meant to say.. would that seem like an appropriate direction to start?