View Full Version : coldfusion form objects: storing temporary data

08-03-2006, 08:48 AM
I am new to coldfusion and have mainly using it for small projects using dreamweaver server side coldfusion functions.
what i need help with is I have a database with 2 related tables. I want to create a form that consists of two pages, one for each table. So when the user fills in page 1 of the form and clicks on the page 2 button, the data entered for page 1 should be stored in some coldfusion object and at same time redirects user to page 2 of the form where they fill that in and the entered data on both form pages must be added to their respective tables within the database when they click on the submit button on page 2 of the form. which is the cf tag that carries out this function?

The other way is to have one page that inserts data into 2 database tables. again how is this done? it would also help if anyone could upload a sample.