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07-11-2006, 02:58 PM
I'm developing "integrated blogs" for a couple of websites.
One of them is for the website www.pulversbriar.com
(the blog is at www.pulversbriar.com/askmarty)

I've studied several wordpress customization posts,
edited the PHP & CSS code, and have managed a partial
customization in Dreamweaver. However, what I'm after is a *full*
customization of the blog,'s template so that it has a very similar
look and feel to the website. And full control of all
features, so I can post an "archive calendar", custom links,
etc. I'm hoping to integrate customized blogs into several
websites, and maintain them as part of the site's DW files.

I had my own Wordpress blog a year ago, and didn't have trouble
with light customization of that one, or normal blog functions.
It's making them "custom" that's the real challenge now.

I'm looking for advice on two things:

1. Any recommendations for how to figure out the technical
side of modifying the Wordpress templates? The things I've found online
have been somewhat less than illuminating. And studying the
PHP/CSS files the same.

Perhaps I need to ramp up on PHP before
I'm able to fully customize a Wordpress blog? I am somewhat of a
newbie with CSS techniques, but have had some success modifying
WP's .css files. However, some changes still produce mysterious results.

2. Is WordPress the best choice for an integrated Blog? Might TypePad
be a better choice?

TIA for any insights... sort of struggling with how to approach this.


07-11-2006, 03:27 PM
Create a Wordpress there: