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06-29-2006, 02:20 PM

my new website is up, www.urofoam.co.uk, wahey!! thanks to everyone for all the help and guidance, ive pestered alot over things that should be simple, but hey i've nearly finished my pestering,

i've uploaded my new index page onto my host, all of my other pages are in a separate folder on the server the 'uk' file , ie: the stressballs page is in www.urofoam.co.uk/uk/stressballs.htm

the problem i seem to be getting is that as soon as i leave the home page and then try and get back to it, it doesn't want to let me out of the 'uk' folder, so that a blank page is coming up instead. the only way i could remedy this was to put an index page inside the 'uk' folder and make all the 'home' links link to it, so when i leave the home page now and then go back to it, i'm not actuallly going back to the proper home page (www.urofoam.co.uk) i'm going back to www.urofoam.co.uk/uk/index.

this makes it slightly annoying because when i update the website, i would have to do 2 different index pages (both with different links to the home page).

i think i've explained it ok, can anyone help me please!


07-02-2006, 03:30 PM
Your site seems to work correctly for me.

Can you give us a specific set of clicks to make that illustrate your problem?

Have you tried a link checking program, such as Xenu?


07-05-2006, 11:13 AM

finally found out how to get back to get out the uk file back to the home page, had to make the links in that file into ../ to move up a level. sorry it was such a newb q.

cheers anyway