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06-28-2006, 08:45 AM
hey boys

can anyone help me please? ive built a website on my computer totally ignoring the resolution. the width of my website goes upto 900 pixels, and i didnt take into account people with 800x600 monitors, i know they're old res but alot of people still use them, is there any way i can put my site into a control table so that it reduces to fit an 800x600 monitor but still looks normal in a 1024x768 screen? or is the fact that i've built it for a bigger res gonna stop me from doing that?

thankyou if you can help me :wink: xxxx

Creative Insanity
06-28-2006, 10:07 AM
Simple. Firstly I hope you created your site with a template in DW as that is going to make it so much easier for you.

I will assume you did.

Open your template and make it 100%, then crtl + A and then crtl + x and that will place EVERY thing onto the clipboard so do NOT copy anything else or it will go ta tas.
Now add a table at 760px onto the document. Then click inside that table and go ctrl + v and that will paste your site back into the control table and now since you made it 100% before you cut it it is now in the control table at 100% which will be 100% of 760px. Now save and select when asked to update all pages.

If you did not create a template then do the above to all the pages of your site.. I hope there ain't many if you did not do a template.

06-28-2006, 11:52 AM
hey CI,

i did what you said and then reduced my screen resolution to 800x600 to see what it would look like but it didn't seem to work, im still having to scroll sideways in my browser.

any clues? x

Creative Insanity
06-29-2006, 02:51 AM
Well now you will have to look at what sizes your template images are. What is the width of your bannerand footer? Make sure they do not exceed 760px and you should be fine.