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06-22-2006, 12:38 PM
I have been procrastinating a bit, but am finding it imperative to my
work that I learn more and even implement a way for my sites to be
found in search engines. I'm not looking to be a "PRO" but am
looking to find a way to effectively, as much as possible, get the
sites that I build to be searchable.

What I do know, is that metatags are something that should be
included in your code. However, I've heard that if you use too many
it knocks your sites down off search engines, or buried so deeply
they can't be found. Last night I found this site,
http://www.addme.com/meta.htm, which is a free metatag generator.
What are your thoughts? What's the downfall? If this isn't good, is there something that you can recommend?

If you wouldn't mind, please help guide me in the right direction in
making my sites searchable. What good is it if I design a site for a
client if their site can't be found in search engines? Even if it
isn't listed in the top 10.

Please help!!!
Thank you. :shock:

06-24-2006, 12:58 AM
Getting your site found is a much discussed topic on the web. opinions differ but meta tags appears have less importance than they used to. I believe yahoo uses them but not google
validate your site seems important
using h1,h2 h3 tags to include your keywords
include a site map for search engine robots
most important (i think ) is geting incoming links to your site best is one way links from high page rank sites, reciprocal links are ok but not too many
submit your site to directories to get links there are many free ones,( google for them) and more paid ones of course. besure to only use relevant directories for the subject of your site
google and dmoz are probably the most important but seem to take forever to act

07-03-2006, 12:21 PM
I can tell you that search engine optimization is a big subject, usually a book length subject. In fact, here are two Amazon pages with books on it:



My other point about search engine optimization is to beware of big promises of great results from SPAMMERS or web sites, telling you how great your results will be. Many on these promises are too good to be true, and some techniques they use will make your rankings worse, or even get you thrown out of the search engine entirely.

If you have created a specific site online, provide the URL here and ask for comments.

07-03-2006, 12:49 PM
What I do know, is that metatags are something that should be
included in your code. Most search engines (google included) does not let your meta tags influence your ranking in the search engine result pages, thus the phrase 'meta tags are dead' which was persented a few years ago ;)