View Full Version : rollover drop menus vs list auto formatting

Tonia Sears
06-07-2006, 09:14 AM
I had a simple nav bar with a few rollover jump menus. I then converted it to a list so that i can assign IDs to each page enabling me to be able to create a 'current page' change in css style. then to change the auto list format i created a css called 'button' with no bullet points and it disabled the jump menus.

This is the code for the list, what bit is disabling the jump menu????

(sorry if i ramble a bit but hopefully you get the gist of my problem

<div id="button">
<li id="home">Home (../Index.html)
<li id="youAare">You Are (../page_coming.html)
<li id="aboutus">About Us (../page_coming.html)
<li id="sevice">Services (../page_coming.html)
<li id="departments">Departments (../departments.html)
<li id="partnerprofiles">Partner Profiles (../pp_david_bunker.html)
<li id="casestudy">Case Study (../page_coming.html)
<li id="askaquestion">Ask a Question (../ask_a_question.html)
<li id="faqs">FAQ's (../page_coming.html)
<li id="contactus">Contact Us (../contact.html)