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06-02-2006, 01:10 AM
Hello! I'm trying to do a somewhat complex search and am having trouble navigating dreamweaver's find features to get it to work right. I'm searching XML that has lots of nodes that look like this:

<route name="ARTA-H71"

I want to find all routes where accessibility="1" and the name includes SH (for example name="FH-SH")

I can't get both halves of this search to work together. I can do a general search for either part and it works. I can do a "specific tag" search for 'route' with "attribute" 'accessibility' '=' '1' and that works just fine. But I can't get the next part - "Containing" 'Text' 'SH' to work.

Help is greatly apprecaited. Thanks!

Also, I have BBEdit. If I should do it using that program please let me know. Thanks!

~ Joseph ~