View Full Version : Opening _blank with javascript

06-01-2006, 07:11 PM
Hello all, I have a script which is currently working, although I want it to open in a different window, but am having difficulties. The script is basically filling a table with results from a recordset, and letting me hyperlink off the result to the appropriate record. I just want to have the appropriate record in another window.

Here is the current code:

<tr >

<td onMouseOver="style.backgroundColor='#FFFF99';" onMouseOut="style.backgroundColor='#FFFFFF'" STYLE="cursor:hand;" onClick="location.href='CustModResults.asp?<%= Server.HTMLEncode(MM_keepNone) & MM_joinChar(MM_keepNone) & "ID=" & rsMods.Fields.Item("ID").Value %>'"><%=(rsMods.Fields.Item("FileName").Value)%></A></td>


Thanks in advance,