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06-01-2006, 07:44 AM
Hi everyone.

Wow! never thought that there would be so much to learn regarding website creation. Im a complete novice when it comes this sort of thing, but have been hitting the tutorials pretty hard over the past few weeks. Im starting to get pretty confident with designing a website, but im pretty ignorant when it comes to the more technical side of things like ftp hosting and getting your website up on the net. Im in a family business and i've been tasked by my dad to revamp our website, i've got dreamweaver 8 and i think its great, any clues as to how i get the website thats already online into dw so that i can alter it without destroying the links etc.

many thanks

06-02-2006, 03:28 AM
Hi. If you have an ftp programme (filezilla,cuteftp) you can download the site to your computer