View Full Version : Return all fields not working after 8.0.2 update

05-31-2006, 10:07 AM
I'm having difficulty after updating DW8 to 8.0.2

I have a search form that enables the user to enter information into all or some (or indead none) of 3 fields. If no data is entered in a particular field the results page returns all relevant records to the filled in fields (effectively ignoring the fields that the user hasn't used - so if no data is entered into any of the fields the search will return all records).

To do this, I was using a default variable value of -1. It worked fine.

However, now that DW8.0.2 demands a variable to have a type, it doesn't like -1 and so you have to enter data into all three fields or it simply returns no results. (2 of the fields are numeric and one is text).

How can I get back the wildcard effect?


PS: I'm new to MySQL and PHP so if you can speak slowly I'll understand better! :wink: