View Full Version : redesigned site in CSS, how to maintain?

05-24-2006, 05:16 PM
First off, I'm pretty much a novice with web design. I hired a guy to redesign a site I did back in 2000. He did it all in CSS which is of course a good thing. There's a header on top, a left column, a footer and a main content area. When I asked him how he updates everything so quickly he said he wrote an updater program with perl (out of my league) For example, adding a product category to that left column (which appears on every page) Is there a way I can accomplish the same result with dreamweaver (or some other application) where I have a "template" page which will update the other pages when I need to change it? In other words, the pages that he already did in the redesign, how can I make somthing that will update those pages automatically. I'm getting ready to add something to that left column and it needs to be on every page. I'm sorry if my question wasn't very clear... If anyone wants to help, I can try and give more details, you can IM me on AIM or Yahoo at sdsumike619
Thanks in advance!

05-24-2006, 08:11 PM
Look into the template function inside Dreamweaver, it should do exactly what you want :)
Actually, there's no reason you shouldn't know about this already, it's a significant feature of DW ;)