View Full Version : Trouble with expanding content boxes

05-21-2006, 09:27 PM
hi, im having some trouble making a layout for my website. I made all the graphics for the site with photoshop. I am trying to make expandable content boxes. i have one graphic for the content box headers, and another for the content backround. I put them in a table, but the content part does not fit exactly with the top part. there is a black line in between. Why dont the two cells fit together perfectly? please help! attached is a screen shot of the problem. Please take a look at it, otherwise i think it may be difficult to understand what my problem is. THank you very much for your help! u can respond to my e-mail if you like: maxlev@levinenet.net

heres the HTML for the two cells:

<td colspan="2">images/images/content_headers.gif</td>
<td width="470" background="images/images/main_bg_1.gif"></td>