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05-18-2006, 12:22 PM
Hi there, I have created a relationship in aN Access database using the Lookup Wizard which seems to work just fine. The problem I do have with it that once you do create the relationship, it changes the text field to a numeric field. This is causing problems with the website that draws information from it. The field "somehow" needs to stay as text. Is this possible, or is there another way to create the relationship without the wizard?

I have tried creating the two tables and then going in to the Relationships
and joining them there just by draging and droping, but I dont think that is
the correct way. This is becuse when I look up the table with the
relationship it shows nothing.

If it helps I have the following database.

idSupplier (AutoNumber)
SupplierName (TextField)
SupplierAddress (TextField)

idCategory (AutoNumber)
CategoryName (TextField)

idSpecies (AutoNumber)
SpeciesType (TextField)

I am trying to bring all the results together in tblUpdateForm.

idUpdate (AutoNumber)
SupplierName (TextField)
CategoryName (TextField)
SpeciesType (TextField)

Relationships I tried to create.

tblSupplier SupplierName (TextField) with tblUpdateForm SupplierName
tblCategory CategoryName (TextField) with tblUpdateForm CategoryName
tblSpecies SpeciesType (TextField) with tblUpdateForm SpeciesType (TextField)


Mally :?: