View Full Version : super newb layout questions; redux

05-18-2006, 01:22 AM
Hello all!
As stated, I am a first time user of DreamweaverMX2004, but have read the book "the Missing Manual" prior to purchase. One thing I'm having trouble with that was not covered is how best to work on the original design.
I've come to the conclusion that it would be best to seperate the background and apply that to the "page properties". Now I need to determine how to maintain the scale of all the other images while resizing them to form about 4-5 Layers in Dreamweaver. I've spent a couple hours attempting this on my own, with lousy results. All of the layers, when previewed, display a grey box as fill in around the image, defining the layer? I've set the background color for the Layers to match the page's. Also, why is the window/workspace so small, yet the images (which were previously huge) will not fill this space without distortion when resized? If someone could take a little time to explain how this is supposed to work, as opposed to how I'm going about it, or at least point me to a FAQ or another post that I may have missed on my search, that would be excellent!
Now, all that I'm trying for initially is just a sort of "place-holder" page. Just a single page to feature a "coming soon" type message while we complie images for the gallery and I get started on the actual site design. Now, my associate who is calling the shots set me up with a Photoshop image for the layout of this page. I cannot figure how to achieve a "liquid" page... The .PSD is obviously HUGE with super resolution and will not fit with out scrollbars.
My goal is to have these seperate layers act out Behaviors (mostly onClick and onMouseOver) to one-by-one reveal themselves based on multiple hotspots around the page. This is just something to hone my understanding of Dreamwever layers, but also to have something for visitors to click on and feel interactive until our main site is up.
As I said above, this is my very first attempt at site design, and I expect that my methods are extremely counterproductive. If anyone has suggestions as a good method of operations, from design to layout, etc., for creating sleek CSS formated pages, I could certainly any and all suggestions.

Thanks in advance to any with the patience to read through my entire post!!!,