View Full Version : Building site with layers

05-17-2006, 10:27 AM
Is it ok to build a whole site in Dreamweaver 8, using layers ?
It seems an quicker way to do it, but does it affect how the search engines see it ?

05-17-2006, 01:13 PM
It's a widespread opinion that removing bloated code (tables for design), will make a site better for search engines if you combine it with semantic tags, ie: use <Hx> for headlines,

for paragraphs etc.

06-16-2006, 10:56 PM
I have heard the same thing, It also makes it better for accessibility. The new accessibility standards don't want tables to be used for site layout.


06-17-2006, 06:31 AM
In place of 'layer' using DIV is better. you can set up in DW8 pref