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05-15-2006, 12:22 AM
I know people know how to make text follow a path. But what i have created is laces, like on a baseball, and I want to draw a path with my pen tool, and take these laces, which are in a straight line, and make them follow a curved path so I dont have to draw the laces in a curve.

I want to apply the laces to a path. Is this a job for illustrator? If so, I still need help :roll:

Creative Insanity
05-15-2006, 07:30 AM
Ok simple.
Create the path for the shape of the laces and then once you have your path stroke it at the size you want the laces to be.
Once you have the basic shape you can then do the lighting etc to make them look how you want.
To stroke a non joining path set your pencil tool to the thickness you need. Then back to the pen tool and right-click on the path and select stroke.

06-05-2006, 09:05 PM
You could do this in Phtohsop by making a custom brushstroke that looks like dashes and in your paths palette applying a brush stroke to a curved path.

You will have better control over thickness of line stroke and with Illustrator by step adn repeating a stroke to make dashes. Drag this to the swatches in your brushes palette and choose a "new art brush". Teh apply thsi new art brush to your curved path.

You could also make a blend object and then select the blend and choose replace spline, but this method will give you uneven spacing between dashes, and you wodul have to understadn somehting called the 2/3 rd rule of bezier curves to try to even out the spacing.

06-11-2006, 03:28 AM
To create real looking laces, you start out in Illustrator.
1. In Illustrator, select the line tool. Make a diagonal line, not too long. (A perfect 45 diagonal will work the best. To get one, simply hold down the shift key as you draw and pull the cursor sideways, but not too far sideways or you'll get a horizontal or vertical line.)
2. Apply a thickness to the line until it has the appropriate thickness to your average baseball lace.
3. Select the rounded cap icon in the stroke menu to round off the ends of your stroke.
4. Select your new stroke, and in the brush menu, select New Brush. You will get a popup menu, and the first thing you will see is your diagonal stroke. If you don't see it, drag your new stroke to the brush menu. It should appear in the menu, along with the other brush strokes. You have just created a pattern you can now apply to a line.
5. Make two curved lines like you might see on your average baseball, and apply your new brush pattern. Adjust the size of your laces by selecting different stroke thicknesses in the stroke menu.


To get it into Photoshop, you might want to convert your line pattern to an image by selecting Expand Appearance from the Object pulldown menu. Ungroup the lines by selecting Ungroup, also in the Object pulldown menu. You can then adjust any of the laces individually to get the unwanted kinks out.

Then just cut and paste into your Photoshop file, and you're done.

I hope this works for you.