View Full Version : Making change EXTERNALLY to a section of a web page

05-13-2006, 04:51 PM
Hi there,
It is my first time post here.
I am working on setting up an e-store in Ebay. I have all my product photos, description etc resided in a web server external to Ebay. I create a detailed product information page and paste its HTML codes into a section of an Ebay page that will list my products either for auction or in my E_store. I have full control, well almost, of that particular section in the Ebay listing page but I dont' have rights to change the entire page as it is managed by Ebay. It is fine if I don't need to change anything dramatic after submitting my listing. However in reality I often find myself need to change the content of the section that I inserted into the Ebay listing page. For instance if I have a new product line that I'd like to introduce in the listing sections I'd add a link to those products at the top of the listing section. I can make my section in Ebay dynamic to an extend by putting picture pointers in the section to varies external pictures that is either the product photos or gif files that contains product descriptions, shipping and handling etc information. So that product photos, descriptions etc in all listed pages can be updated by simply change the pictures/photos externally without touching the ebay side of the pages.
Now my problem is how to add an link or a picture with hotspot links to the sections by doing something externally without touching ebay's listing pages as it will take eventually days to change if I'd have to do it in the ebay side.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.