View Full Version : Absolute Layers Problem

05-12-2006, 08:47 PM
Yikes, I downloaded a template to quickly build a professional looking webpage. This experience has been anything but quick, it is a pain in the arse to edit it in Dreamweaver but Im already too deep to look back now. I have two tables that are in place on my page, and when I got to preview in a web broswer the two tables arent in the same place as they were in the dreamweaver editor, this was very curious because all the coding looked find. I explored a little more into it to find out that the two tables were in absolute layers. This is not cool, I finally figured out how to get the absolute layers in the correct place, however if you resize the window at all of change the broswer text size it screw up the taqbles again. One of the tables is suppose to be on the left hand side of the page about 25% down from the top, but because it is an absoulte layer it list the code for the layer all the way at the bottom of the source, so if I remove the absolute layer properties and just leave it as a table, by default the table now moves to the bottom of the page where the code is in the source file. A figured "oh I can just move the code up to the appropriate spot in the source to have it appear towards the top left hand of the page where I origanlly wanted it, but NO this doesnt work, for some reason it throws off besically all the body tables that already exist, just a whole thing of chaos. Could someone please help me, I am not very experienced with Dreamweaver, any answer very be very helpful and appreciated.