View Full Version : Optional editable regions in <head>?

05-04-2006, 01:05 PM
I'm trying to create a master template that will enable me to include or not include cross-fading photographs in pages based on that template.

I know that with DW8 I can insert an editable region in the <head> (ie for description, keywords).

I know that with DW8 I can insert an optional region in the <body> to show/hide content.

But can I insert an optional editable region in the <head>?

I want to have the option of including a javascript file in a <script> tag in the <head> of pages created from the template and if I exercise the option to include it in the <head>, I also want to be able to edit and change the name of the javascript file.

All the help I've seen only talks about optional regions in the <body>.
Do I use optional editable regions for this, or do it some other way?

Urgent help appreciated - I'm stuck!