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05-03-2006, 12:23 PM
I am having a vexing problem, that I hope somebody here can solve! Before I tell you the problem, rest assured that I have tried every trick I know to solve the issue including: my own knowledge, the help of a friend, ALL of the relevant tech notes at Macromedia (none have worked), and searched DW forums.

Problem Description:
I have a query page that searches a table and then displays records, with a number of columns, on the same page (using repeat region and pagination). I am accomplishing this trick by using several proprietary MXP plug-ins. After the query has been run, I have put a link on one of the columns (last_name) to go to another page (detail.php) to display two additional columns from the table (ssn and cell_phone) in addition to the last_name column. I have tried using the HTTP_VARS method from Macromedia Tech notes, and instantiated SESSIONS with no luck ----I get NO echo on the output in the detail.php page!

What I would like:
1) I have attached my 1st page (search_apps.php) below.... assume that I know how to create links.....please help in providing me with the code I need to "capture" and make persistent the columns last_name, ssn, and cell_phone...
2) Assume that I have a second page detail.php.....what code do I need to "capture" the passed columns (last_name, ssn, and cell_phone) AND ECHO those fields on the page .....

Thanks for any help you can provide....

Jim E

05-06-2006, 11:02 AM
sending vars via a url string requires a GET method

make sure you are catching the vars using this method in your detail.php