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04-25-2006, 10:31 PM
A) I created 3 tables (apps-hired-location)
B) I have successfully created DB connection and recordsets
C) I have the tables hired and location with rows ---the FIRST row in EACH of these tables says something like
D) I have created a multiple field query form ---the first field is to select hired and then second field is to select location
E) I want to dynamically populate these two SELECT query fields with the values from my hired-location tables
F) I setup all of the recordsets and connections--everything works! I use the "dynamic" selector in the property inspector to use the values from my select locales table in the SELECT LIST. As expected, the FIRST item in that dynamic select list is the first record (the lowest serial_id) in the table (SELECT LOCALES) ...I see this upon opening a page AND when I hit the button button ...it defaults BACK to "SELECT LOCALES" ----just the way I want it tooo.....
G) The second search field is a different story (job-prefs)....I use exactly the same process (property inspector -dynamic-etc) but this field WILL NOT default to the expected first record in the table which is "SELECT JOBS" ....it defaults to the LAST RECORD in the table. It seems to default to the record number instead of the lowest serial_id

I have tried:
a) deleting table and starting over--same result
b) revesing the order of the search fields ---JOB PREFS first and then LOCALES second----funny---when I do this the dynamic select of JOB PREFS works just as expected---the default is SELECT JOBS ---but the second search field LOCALES has the crazy behavior and uses the last record as the deafualt in the select menu ....

04-27-2006, 08:42 AM
post your code