View Full Version : I am new to designing using layers...need help

04-21-2006, 08:24 PM
I orginally started designing sites 3-4 years back using frontpage until I more recently bought a mac a and switched to dreamweaver. I really want to start coding my sites with layers because its easier and you can do things that would take more work or just be plain impossible with tables.

Anyway, I was playin with them and there are still a few things I can't quite figure out.

1. How do you center something in a percentage value in the page? I am so used to creating a table with h/w of 100% and then nesting the proceeding tables within it that I don't know how I would do it with frames. In frames everything seems to have an absolute position so if the browser window gets bigger or smaller the layered items are no longer centered.

2. How do I set images to repeat lengthwise to compinsate from browser window width. The site i'm doing now www.rupatoor.com is centered in the middle, but more importantly the left and right "wing arms" done in a darker pink will stretch out an infinite amount depending on the size of the browser window and the persons screen...how do I do this when coding in layers...thanks