View Full Version : html pages not updated after template change

04-19-2006, 12:37 PM
Hi. I have just downloaded files off a server for a website I need to make changes to using Dreamweaver MX. I have only a little experience with DreamweaverMX. There is a dwt file that I made a couple of changes to the navigation menu but when I save the changes and close the template document DW does not ask if I want to update the files attached to the template. When I open the html pages that are supposed to be attached to the template they show at the top right that they are attached to that particular template. Of course I cannot edit the navigation menu in the attached html pages because it is a locked area. If I open one of the html pages and go Modify/Templates/Update Current Page I get "Error accessing file D:\XXXwebsite\templates\xxx.dwt - file not found, error code 2". When I click OK to that message I get "While executingDWMenu_Modify_Templates_Update Current Page command in menus.xml, the following javascript error occurred - exception throw in native function".

If I go to File/New/Templates and click on the website name it shows no items and no preview where the template should appear. I would guess the html pages have not been detached from the template because I cannot edit the locked area belonging to the template.

Why doesn't DW recognise there is a template in this site?

Any help would be much appreciated as this project has some urgency to it.