View Full Version : Help !! (Dreamweaver MX and Xara menu prob...)

04-06-2006, 09:12 PM

I am trying to use a menu created in Xara for a redesign of our site, but it doesn't seem to listen to what I tell it to do... It might be Xara, it might be Dreamweaver, or it might just be me doing something stupid - and I am used to that :).

Thing is I created a menu, then made a template with it and then added a link to one of the buttons. result: When the templated page comes up no menu is to be seen!!

I redid the template, checked with an "empty " page, had it working, added some stuff and all gone again...

It is all a test so I am not boring our visitors with it but it is making me loose the few hair I got left... I am not a well experienced webbuilder so expect to see lots of coding errors which I wouldn't know about...

So is it Xara, Dreamweaver or me?



The only "working" link would be Moonphases...

Any one? Please?