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04-04-2006, 05:35 PM

was wondering if someone is genourous enough to run be by a few basics concerning website design and importing code.

i have the index page set up and i know how to link the pages so it runs

My intention is to import some table code into the site. It goes in two stages. The first part is straight foward. a simple copy and paste of the code into the code section of dreamweaver.

the second part includes downloading some folders into the web site folder and then uploading that into the directory. This is where i get stuck.

i dont know how to upload js pages into index.html
the instructions are as follows...

'and upload the containing two .js files "exmplmenu_var.js" and 'menu_com.js", plus the three image files (tri.gif, tridown.gif, trileft.gif) into your webpage directory. All customizations to the menu is done in the former .js file (exmplmenu_var.js).'

Web directory... is this where i store the html folders?

as you can tell these questions are the fundamental basics of dreamweaver. ive only just started this. i know it could take some time. any links to tutorials or any help would be amazing



04-04-2006, 05:45 PM
ooh ooh...

i just realised the tutorials on the right.

think im gonna shut up now... :oops: